What is WQDB?

WQDB is a quoting system. Like BASH.org for Worms. The service is primarily used by #worms on irc.GameSurge.net, but there are other users of this site.
The site was started up by Rioter so that people had a place to submit quotes back in 2008, with a domain purchased not long after.

Originally the site was based on the freely available RASH Quote System but was then recoded from the ground up.

Things suggested and implemented by the community

XAbility to use old theme (Requested by CyberShadow)
X'See all quote' to be AJAX script, not link (Requested by Wyv)
XColours for alt quotes darker (Requested by KRD)
XNo Captcha for logged in uses (Suggested by Konar6)
XSearch for quotes by user (Suggested by TSR)
XImprove protection against spam reg bots