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[23:27] <pL> Kiros. :D
[23:27] <Kiros> .
[23:28] <pL> Kiros I love you
[23:28] <pL> :D
[23:28] <pL> I beat mab! yaaaa :D
[23:28] <Kiros> Are you drunk?
[23:28] <pL> I love you im drunk but I love you
[23:28] <pL> rofl
[23:29] <pL> Kiros come on
[23:29] <pL> Talk to me. :D
[23:29] <pL> Make me look newblette.
[23:30] <Kiros> Everyone wants a piece of Kiros right now
[23:30] <Kiros> Too many conversations
[23:30] <pL> I want your cock in my mouth
[23:30] <pL> More than anything :O
[23:31] <Kiros> You sure do.
[23:31] <pL> :O
[23:31] <pL> Do you love me too?
[23:31] <pL> Forget all the things.
[23:31] <Kiros> Nope, I hate your guts.
[23:32] <pL> I want peace with you and suck your dick for it.
[23:32] <pL> I have a 640x480 window with your convo, does your penis fit that measure?
[23:32] <pL> I can enlarge it