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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 4:53 pm Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top
thats still fucked up that you guys couldnt just ask me to remove it and show me where it states that in the rules and without any forewarning just remove it and say "i win" various complaints probably equated 2 anyways. but whatever, i dont care enough to make more of a fuss than i already have.

back on topic:

homeless: you are know it true that i am win
llGQllorangekid: chanserv says he qwxns you
homeless: chanserv i win every time at normal game and the shoppa
homeless: you no stand a chance against me
homeless: i win no matter what
homeless: you are not good at game when play me
homeless: you no talk too fear of scared
** homeless has left the channel. **
llGQllorangekid: chanserv = 1, homeless = 0