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April 13, 2010
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Spadge made Wormnet in 7 days. In the first day he created the lobbies and the channels as a habitat for the wormers. In the second day he created the chatrooms that allowed wormers to communicate. On the third day he created the schemes for the wormers to interact amongst each other. On the forth day he created the rules that would reign those schemes. On the fifth day he created the clans set to group wormers together as families. He then created the leagues for these clans to compete. And on the 7th day he made WWP just because there was nothing better to do in that day.

First there was Boggy Eve and Adamworm, and they were in a ranked paradise of awesomeness and league channels, isolated from the evil of mankind and their creations. Then Boggy Eve cowed, and they were banned from the paradise. They were kicked outside #Paradise to a world of dangers.

Mankind, or their inbred children, influenced by the devil of Satan started creating all the shit that sunders the worm spirit, a phenom known as the opening of the shoppdora box, from which came all the abomination schemes.

Then Spadge sent his son to wormnet, to heal people away from their ignorance. Cure them from the bad habits of playing WxW or anchored BnG. But he was killed and thus the community remains sick in both soul and body while the Illuminati shrug in their graves...

But there is still hope...