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<ropa> If the bull could choose
<ropa> I bet he'd rather live a life in an awesome place with all possible cares, and food
<ropa> Than to live in the wilderness having to fetch his own food and live those ~5 extra years
<worMatty> Ah but if the bull could choose, he may not do, because to surround himself with luxury and material pleasures would not provide spiritual enlightenment!
<ropa> True
<ropa> But I don't think Bulls would be too smart or too spiritual
<worMatty> If I were a bull I'd rather be wild.
<PaulPower> It's also a nasty way to die
<worMatty> Well, they must be smart enough for that if they can choose and contemplate what kind of life they want to live.
<HHC> me too matty
<PaulPower> Although true, there are many nasty ways to die in t'wild as well
<ropa>Don't lie, because if you really were a bull you wouldn't have recieved the education and social values you have recieved up to now
<StarWorms> This conversation is weird
<ropa> You'd just want easy food and people brushing you
<worMatty> lol
<HHC> hmm i wonder what would happen if they opened the gate
<worMatty> No I wouldn't. I'd want the freedom to hunt and kill my own food and provide for my children. Not be hand-fed.
<worMatty> Down to personal opinion really.
<HHC> i bet it would run off to a nice piece of land to eat the grass and have sex with the first cow that comes by
<PaulPower> How does one hunt and kill grass? Exactly?
<worMatty> lol, Paul
<HHC> but still, not quite my idea of a great sport
<worMatty> True, that
<ropa> Not my thing either
<worMatty> "Grass spotted... twenty paces ahead..."
<worMatty> "WAIT! Not until i give the signal
<PaulPower> "Lowering head... priming molars..."
<worMatty> "Spread out, we can flank it."
<StarWorms> Killing animals unnecessarily is wrong, but if it's for food then it's different
<ropa> "Watch out, it outnumbers us"