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September 13, 2016
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<Diblo> StepS I'm still salty about how I barely lost to you that one time long ago with that minigun
<Diblo> I'll have you know my salt levels are over 120%
<StepS> i don't rememeber playng with you
<Diblo> ..
<StepS> oh
<StepS> actually yes
<StepS> but i dont remember that moment
<Diblo> Basically I had a minigun in a tight tunnel
<Diblo> I was trying to drill down and hit you or something, but I was a pixel off in aiming, and botched my turn, and that was the one move that decided who won
<Diblo> :|
<StepS> k
<Diblo> You're good.
<StepS> so where's the salt
* Diblo holds out hand
<Diblo> Over the years, the salt has accumulated
<StepS> i need some salt for my beefsteak, the salt i had had ended and i havent bought any more yet
<Diblo> aw
<StepS> i really like salt so it's kind of a problem
<StepS> have you been at the dead sea btw?
<StepS> i visited it twice
<StepS> salt was literally everywhere, and on my second time one of the beaches was no longer there, it was all salt instead
<StepS> i've also visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine in 2009, it's very deep, with lots of caverns. you can see huge salt crystals stuck to the walls
<StepS> the lower you go, the more salt you get
<StepS> i migth still have the photos
<StepS> some of the salt was free for the visitors, I think I took a couple of crystals with me, one of them was red
<StepS> they also sold table lamps made out of salt, i bought a red one
<StepS> unsure if i still have it