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[23:16:49] <TSR> I saw the RSC do Richard III with school. I spent the entire time talking to the Australian kid in our class about Aussie rules
[23:17:12] <Reg> That is SO much more dull than anything else i've ever heard.
[23:17:33] <Reg> You spoke through a Shakespeare play about cricket, how British.
[23:17:42] <TSR> A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse - my fucking kingdom for anything the slightest bit entertaining.
[23:17:45] <TSR> You ignorant twat
[23:17:49] <Reg> Were you drinking tea, or eating fish and chips?
[23:17:49] <TSR> Aussie rules != cricket
[23:17:51] <TSR> At all
[23:18:00] <TSR> It's not even fucking close
[23:18:05] <Reg> Lol
[23:18:08] <Reg> What is it then?