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Submitted by:Stepanesss on May 4, 2010
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<CyberShadow> Envy me! I got my thedailywtf sticker :)
<Wyv|work> bwuh?
<CyberShadow> I suppose you heard about the website?
<Wyv|work> got it in my rss
<Wyv|work> my bwuh remains
<CyberShadow> They have "contests" every so often... on April Fools', they posted an application that pretended to do some really-low-level stuff to your hard drives. Apparently I was one of the first few to reverse-engineer it
<CyberShadow> Once you gave it full access to a HDD, it printed a message like "OK it was all a joke... but if you can read this, you won a TDWTF sticker! Send an e-mail to ..."