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Quote #490

March 18, 2010
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[dt`Mablak`b2b] Wait a minute, why did the chat phone appear on the right side of the screen?
[dt`Mablak`b2b] I never noticed that
[NogardDerNaerok] Hah.
[NogardDerNaerok] It migrates.
[ropa-cfc] because your worm was somewere on the left top
[dt`Mablak`b2b] It's like it switches sides to annoy my when I'm roping
[dt`Mablak`b2b] Clearly not designed for warmers
[ropa-cfc] i rope so fast I actually touch the phone
[PhiSfX] lol
[dt`Mablak`b2b] Who's there, when you answer it?