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** STAxDoubletime ** joined the channel.
WebSnoop: Sandra> ```MihaiS`sW`: guten morgen
WebSnoop: Sandra> ```MihaiS`sW`: ich bin gerde aufgestanden
WebSnoop: Sandra> ```MihaiS`sW`: du?
STAxDoubletime> Websnoop what are you bussy with you have done that for days now.........
WebSnoop: Sandra> ```MihaiS`sW`: wann bist du aufgestanden?
STAxDoubletime> ARe you trying to annoy people or what ?? Anyways no need for me to bother. * ignored
WebSnoop: STAxDoubletime:

(5 minutes later)

STAxDoubletime> ROFLMAO at Websnoop why did he take a screenshot of the conversation ?