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(19:03:12) [CyberShadow] iNviSible2: do you really think you need to spam offline events like that?
(19:41:56) [iNviSible2] does it hurt you? i put a lot of work in this map and this offline event and i want as much ppl to participate as possible. whats the problem?
(19:42:41) [CyberShadow] some people may find repeated messages annoying
(19:43:27) [CyberShadow] what if every single event (tourney/ladder/offline competition/etc.) would advertise in #AG every few minutes?
(19:46:38) [iNviSible2] there are hardly any events... worms is very old... /// anoying? what are they (you?) doing? watching the join/part/... chat or are they playing games? i think they re playing. sorry but is definetly DOESNT MATTER! i dont get your point
(19:47:32) [CyberShadow] people are actually sometimes talking in the channel... being interrupted by constant advertising of an event they're not interested in sounds pretty annoying to me
(19:50:34) [iNviSible2] constant? i dont even use a bot. just leave it. and thank you very much for your nice words i actually know a lot of peole who like the idea. when du you make your next map? when do you do something big for the wnet community?