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[21:19]?????? <Random00> does anyone know if its possible to enable teleport while falling? at least with rw
[21:19]?????? <worMatty> RW?
[21:19]?????? * Rioter shrugs
[21:20]?????? <Rioter> rubberworm
[21:21]?????? <Random00> same question for placing girders, too.
[21:21]?????? <Random00> you could do very crazy stuff if its possible.
[21:23]?????? <worMatty> Imagine...
[21:24]?????? <worMatty> Be like that level in Super Mario Galaxy where the platforms come out to build his path as he walks.
[21:24]?????? <Random00> yea, it could be like this just with roping
[21:24]?????? <Random00> but you need to be fast then
[21:24]?????? <Random00> a lot of practice will be needed I think.
[21:25]?????? <worMatty> Or, of course, you could just not bother wasting time and just play the game.
[21:25]?????? <Random00> ...
[21:26]?????? <worMatty> Do you not understand this concept?
[21:26]?????? <Random00> what do you mean?
[21:27]?????? <worMatty> Never mind.