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Submitted by:YTrojan on January 15, 2018
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ArtecTheFox: @Godmax according to one of your saying, new year = new Tobi. Wo ist Tobi?
ArtecTheFox: tell me
ArtecTheFox: *sayings
XanKriegor: According to legends, Tobi is a man, a warrior, a legend.
KinslayeR: Tobi has a small dick, but huuuuuuuuuuuge asshole
Godmax: Why you asking me Pecet you are never here
Godmax: And yes, huge asshole, one map is proof
ArtecTheFox: just fucking tell me where Tobi is
ArtecTheFox: the best WA player since like forever
ArtecTheFox: we all miss him
Godmax: Tobias is now a government experiment with an analprobe in the pipeline
ArtecTheFox: why did you sell your best friend and sidekick in one to the government?
Godmax: I saw it as an opportunity for our government to learn sth new sth fresh and therefore gave them Tobias without hesitation
Mega`Adnan: FAXY <3
Godmax: Ohhh sweet Adnan has his sexfox again
Mega`Adnan: Hehehe