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April 3, 2017
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[NBRthewalrus] see spleen
[NBRthewalrus] no one will remember who won the game
[NBRthewalrus] but those power swooshes
[NBRthewalrus] will remain in senseis heart
[NBRthewalrus] until the day he dies
[Sensei`hcp] word
[NBRthewalrus] one day he will have children of his own
[spleen17`ZaR] sure, if that helps you
[NBRthewalrus] and he will sit them on his knee
[NBRthewalrus] and regale them with stories of the walrus
[NBRthewalrus] and his power swooshes
[Sensei`hcp] and kids will be like: "but grandpaaa, you told us this million times already"
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[spleen17`ZaR] i think it may be time to put grandpa in a home
[spleen17`ZaR] he keeps talking about worms and 'power swooshes'
[NBRthewalrus] lol
[Sensei`hcp] hahahahahha