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Quote #1069

January 26, 2017
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Ledan> !seen DataLate`irssi
DataLate`irssi> Ledan: Queried user last spoke 0s ago. DataLate`irssi is currently (rowniez jako AlucardinaD, Bruno, FullWormage, Iaroslav, Kawoosh`, Korydex, Ledan, Loppi-troppi, Lord-Diego, MAX-POWER, Mohammad, Out, PSIX, SamCas, WTF-8`GS2, popka-man i sKroTen) in this channel.
** DataLate`irssi ** has left the channel (Local kill by ChanServ (DataLate`irssi: Flooding)).
Ledan> XD
Korydex> LOL