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October 16, 2016
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<solido`bfw`> check the log it says gg 4 wever
<solido`bfw`> fromsolido wit luv
<solido`bfw`> clwon
<solido`bfw`> clownnnnnnnnnn
<solido`bfw`> im out opf fucking drink
<solido`bfw`> wheres my mfkin homirds
<solido`bfw``> bppppp
<solido`bfw`> evetuyinw sxucsz
<solido`bfw`> vbuift md
<solido`bfw`> :((((((((((
<solido`bfw`> wheres tod
<solido`bfw`> godf
<solido`bfw`> helpmeopd
<solido`bfw`> :"'''''*
<solido`bfw`> poiweasfjzolkf
<solido`bfw`> deaed
<solido`bfw`> isme
<solido`bfw`> bb
<solido`bfw`> im gone
<solido`bfw`> til nect time fuckers
<solido`bfw`> im gone
<solido`bfw`> fml
<solido`bfw`> im goin ptibstse
<solido`bfw`> im dunnnnnn
<solido`bfw`> wa sucks nos
<solido`bfw`> no Ctiona
<solido`bfw`> i wonnnnnnnnnnnnnn
<solido`bfw`> time to go out
<solido`bfw`> on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>................
<solido`bfw`> ya thats righy
<solido`bfw`> i won that shittttttttttt
<solido`bfw`> nobodys better ta=han mnne
<solido`bfw`> ty for releasing from this game
<solido`bfw`> this hiorriunlr hottin;r ga,e
<solido`bfw`> horrible game
<solido`bfw`> i praise jesus tha i gav beeen saved;'