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June 3, 2016
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[BConlyllsusuii] ok ima bring back the old term "prac" screw "warmer
[FloodxACx] good
[FloodxACx] cause i say taht sometiems
[FloodxACx] and people dont know what im talking about
[FlowingWater] I host Rope prac
[BConlyllsusuii] and i'm gonna bring back rh
[BConlyllsusuii] lol ya
[FloodxACx] and i cant spell apparently
[BConlyllsusuii] they are like "prac" wtf?
[FlowingWater] Gotta say
[FlowingWater] Rope Prac
[BConlyllsusuii] ya well
[BConlyllsusuii] prac should imply rope :)
[BConlyllsusuii] like it used to
[BConlyllsusuii] back in the days of etx ;)
[FlowingWater] none of this proper either
[FlowingWater] ;)
[BConlyllsusuii] ya
[BConlyllsusuii] proper
[FlowingWater] <8o etx
[FlowingWater] I bet flood doesn't even know about etx.
[BConlyllsusuii] etx is elite
[FloodxACx] i dont